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Roomtodo: One Place to Design your bathroom

The bathroom is the place of a house that is always underrated. It is underrated for the service it gives.

When people think of building a home or house, they often pay too much attention to the living room, bedroom or kitchen. But the bathroom is the place that serves us to most in a complicated way.

There is an old saying if you want to know how good a family is, visit the bathroom. If it is clean and well-sorted the family belongs to good culture. Not a bad idea to identify filthy persons.

If you are planning to renovate your existing bathroom or build a new house with a good bathroom, you need to pay heed to many of its kind. For example, your shower position should be placed in a suitable location with a good slope so that water can drain away.

When you assign some professional to design or plan your bathroom, you end up getting a common design with common accessories. As you wanted something different, designs from the professionals may not meet your planning criteria or the usability of your family members.

So what is the solution?

The solution to having a properly designed bathroom is to design it yourself. Yes, you heard it right. You have to design your own bathroom so that it can fulfill what your body and mind want.

How to design or plan a bathroom all by yourself?

There are several ways. 

First of all, let me discuss the common practices.

A person with no knowledge of coding or 3D simulators will end up hiring a consultancy firm by spending a well worth amount of money. This means, if you do not have any professional skills, you would hire someone or some agency to design or plan your bathroom paying a lot of money.

The second option is to learn complicated CAD software. By learning CAD software (it may take years to learn fully!!) you can plan and design your own bathroom. The fact is that you have to buy the software paying $$$ and then have to learn it for months or years. Isn’t a good idea at all.

The third option is to, use some online CAD tool. The tool itself could be free or paid. It may or may not have the functions you wanted. For example, you want to place a curtain to hide your bathtub and not to allow shower water to go outside the tub. But there may not have any option at all.

Now the question arises? How to design or plan your bathroom for free by yourself? Is there any tool that does the work.?

Yes, there is. I will introduce roomtodo. Using roomtodo you can plan your bathroom both in 2D and 3D without spending any money or without having any professional experience of CAD software.

How roomtodo works?

Roomtodo is online software that has the option to be used as a bathroom planner. Meaning you need not install any software that will make your PC slow.

It is similar to CAD software available on the market and has professional attributes. For example, you can draw 2D lines to draw your bathroom area and then convert it to beautiful 3D with a single click.

If you know how to use your Chrome or Firefox browser you can just drag and drop the features you need to design or plan your super bathroom.

The user interface is mind-grabbing. Upon starting a project option will arrive in the left pane and right pane. On the right pane, you have the options of what you want to do. For example, you can 2D layout planner or a 3D maker. On the right pane. You would have all of the amenities. For example, you want to build a wall, you have to select ‘Draw walls’’ from the left pane and then click on the create wall option from the right pane. Upon clicking you will draw a wall on the 2D plan already drawn. Easy!!

Tired of making single walls and connecting them to make a room. You will have the option ‘Room’ to create the room by itself. Isn’t that good!!

On the construction menu, you have the opportunity to paint your wall, place a floor mat, add furniture or electric appliances. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a ‘Decor’ menu by using which you can decorate your room as you wanted it.

Roomtodo has a gorgeous collection of items you need to plan your bathroom, which you may not find elsewhere.

Thinking of an architectural view of your room? You have the option to add architectural items to your bathroom too like a professional architect.

The camera settings are one of the options I like most of roomtodo. You can walk through your newly created room, can see them from different viewing angles under different lighting conditions and even you can check how you design performing with the surrounding.

Why am I suggesting roomtodo?

I could list a lot of reasons for suggesting, but I will list a few-

  • The first and foremost reason for suggesting roomtodo is, it is free to use. You need not spend any money to design your latest designed bathroom. Yes, there are paid option for a minimal charge which is a fraction of the other tools. But believe me, you would not 
  • As a beginner, what do you expect from an online CAD tool? Easiness, good interface,  and in-depth functions. Roomtodo is extremely easy to use. Just dragging and dropping the items you want, works well.
  • Roomtodo’s library is full and final. I have never seen such a wide range of available library items in any other online tools for free. You literally have everything and you can customize the shapes, size and so on.

Designing a bathroom all by yourself is not an easy task to do. If you want it to save money or to learn something new for free of cost, roomtodo is my first choice for you to suggest.

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